“Balze del Valdarno” trail

They resemble the Grand Canyon and, in fact, are the result of atmospheric erosive action, yet the Balze del Valdarno are only a few minutes away from our estate.

You may see the crags’ spiers peaking out among the trees along the Setteponti state road, or you may want to halt for a few moments when you cross Piantravigne village, fascinated by the sight of these formations in the valley.

However, to enjoy their magnificence, we recommend venturing into the Balze wildlife reserve and following the trail of the Acqua Zolfina, CAI number 51.


It is a 6km circular trail, or 7km if you extend it towards Piantravigne, that takes around an hour and forty minutes, or two hours, depending on the itinerary chosen. It’s a pretty simple, well-marked, and popular hiking, horseback riding, and trail running route, so you’ll likely meet other people, but it’ll never be busy. 

The route begins at Castelfranco di Sopra and the starting point is about six minutes’ drive from the estate. After a downhill section partly under the shade of trees, a flat white road with low vegetation begins offering a spectacular view of these sedimentary rock formations.

We recommend that you avoid the hottest days and bring lots of fresh water with you.


C.A.I./S.E.L.C.A. Pratomagno-1:25000
Photos by Teo Giovanni Poggi